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showcasing the underappreciated

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Harry Potter Spotlighting
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Welcome to hp_spotlighting!

This is a community for the writers and artists who are underappreciated, only just breaking into fandom or deserving of more attention than they currently attract. Our aim is to put together a group of new authors/artists out there who are just as talented as the big names. Also, since the HP fandom is so vast, we are offering a chance for those who are quite well known in one ship to have their stories/art enjoyed by fans elsewhere.

We are not slash, het or gen based - anything is accepted. Our aim is to give you a medium where you can post your fic or art & recieve reviews from a wide audience base.

This is only supposed to be a stepping stone community. It is advised that once you have moved further into fandom {and are not such a newbie} you leave this community, giving another budding writer or artist the opportunity to be invited {since we are keeping membership down to 100}. All we ask is that you continue to moniter the community and continue giving feedback to those here.

It is invite only, so please do not petition to be added. If you would like to link us to someone whom you feel should be here, please do so. Invites are offered at the moderators discretion.

You are also encouraged to read the stories and provide feedback. To keep tabs on this community, click here. By doing so, you are stating that you are of legal age to read adult material.

If you want to know more, you can read the initial thread's, {the first suggestion} and {the second suggestion}. It was someone else's idea {themostepotente to begin with, and then phaballa suggested it agin}, we simply jumped on the bandwagon.

For those posting:
Please put everything behind a cut, and post directly to the community. It just means everything is here, and there are comments, so it will not look dusty and old. As well, if you could put the title, pairing and rating in the subject? It just makes it easier for when I put everything in the memories.

Your mods are kethlenda, cmere and spessartine, and can be contacted through the email above, or on their livejournals.

Your 'official' scouts are themostepotente, phaballa, underlucius, happiestwhen, starrysummer, xylodemon & jezzabe.

The picture used in the Header, the community icon & the mod's icon's is by our very own blackboggart, and the layout was tweaked by jezzabe

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